dirty bird

folky with feathered wings.



Dirty Bird hails from the concrete woodlands of New York City, and consists of Christie Belanger, Melissa Escudero, Natasha Thweatt, Nick Katz, John Crisan, Eli Greenhoe and Blake Suben. Though the band is young, each member has spent his or her life grounded in music. With roots going back to New York’s renowned arts school LaGuardia High School, the members of Dirty Bird reconnected in 2016, and in true New York style bring a wide variety of musical backgrounds—ranging from jazz to bluegrass to classical—together in one vibrant and wholly original folk sound.

Since forming, the band has presented powerful performances to venues including Bowery Ballroom, Mercury Lounge, Mass MoCa and Radio Bean, and the Northside Music Festival. Dirty Bird brings both new and long-devoted audiences intimate, poetic lyrics charged by three-part harmony and lively, distinctive arrangements. Soulful, harmonious, and ever-evolving, Dirty Bird’s music redefines what it means to be a folk band.


Praise for Dirty Bird

“New-York-born-and-bred indie group Dirty Bird’s debut major release, “Towers,” is the sweet and folksy antidote to poisonous news cycles and end-of-year blues. Banjo plucks and pretty violin phrases background a lyrical piece of ambivalent poetry...It’s an inviting first look at a band that seems to have a thoughtful story yet to tell.” - Time Magazine

“Complete with haunting three-part harmonies, gorgeous violin and horn arrangements, and thoughtful, evocative lyrics, Dirty Bird's new song captures the chaos of everyday life, though with intermittent sunshine. Dissonant chords build into a sweet section that puts the whole song (and life) into perspective, singing: ‘Don't worry for me / I'm alright.’” - The Deli Magazine